Sunday, September 26, 2010

storkie invitations

It's been a looooooooooooooooooong time since I've gazed at unique wedding invitations....and these from just delighted me!  I love the funky and unique customizable features... definitely party ready!  Go play on their site - you can change the outfits, the skin color, the hair styles, almost everything!!!  (Not gonna lie, it's sorta like paperdolls...for grown ups...I was entirely amused all night.)
 Sweet for an bridal party!  There are soooo many customizable bridal shower invitations to choose from!
 How fun for a bachelorette par-tay!!

After browsing the interactive bridal designs, I checked out the BABY shower invitation section and ohmygosh they are so cute!!  Now that I live in a new city with almost no girlfriends and no family, I'm pretty sure that a baby shower isn't in my foreseeable future...but that doesn't mean that I won't squeal over how stinkin' adorable these baby shower invitations are!!  (and again, these are all entirely customizable!!  how unique, right!?)

Oh - and they have hundreds of lovely traditional and modern designs and products too...absolutely worth a browse!!  Like thank you cards or these classy save the date cards:

ORRRR...with Christmas right around that corner, what about customizable Christmas cards!?  Eeek...cute!


  1. So cute! You should check out DesignHerGals also. They're even more customizable than Storkie. You can also design your own stationery with a little "you" on it! You design the "gal" first and you can save her as you designed her and then you can put her on all sorts of things; invitations, thank yous, notepads etc.

  2. The prego ones are adorable.



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