Wednesday, September 22, 2010

how i do this curly hair o'mine

out on phx...with my everyday hair.

I posted last week about our rehearsal dinner - a day I was having a particularly delightfully good hair day.  I got a few emails and comments about it...asking what products I use and such.  Figured I would I'm missing my curly locks right about now.  The past 2 months of residency has forced my hair style to be one of two things....  in a ponytail or in a french braid...away from my face and out of my patient's faces.   I feel like a bit of a scrub.  Oh well...


My FAVE hair products are Aveda.  THE SMELL!! ohmygod.  I think that's what Heaven is going to smell like (if you by some chance don't know what I'm talking about...just walk into an Aveda salon at your will understand.)  Aveda products are wickedly I only purchase the three items that pack the biggest punch for me.  I only need a small amount in my hair, so I only have to replace them about twice per year.

I use be curly, phomollient, and sometimes the volumizing tonic.

Why I love these products:  my hair looks natural, and my curls are soft.  I'm not a fan of the wet-looking crispy curl look...I rocked that in junior high.  Now I embrace volume a lot more :-)   I use a dime size amount of the "be curly" and scrunch it in my hair, then I use 3 pumps of the "phomollient" and scrunch it in the hair, and every now and then when I use the "volumizing tonic" I'll spray it at the roots. 

a lil wild...lots of volume...somewhat frizzy...this is my hair most days.
 I can make the frizz go away easy enough, by using a diffuser when I blow dry.  Except, I don't really blow dry very often.  I only wash my curly hair every three days.  Day 1 I wear it down and curly, day 2 I wear it half up/half down, day 3 is ponytail (sometimes I pull a day four and make it a messy bun at the nape of my neck.)

this is what i refer to as sleek curls...where they are defined and smoooooooth.
To make my hair curly sleek - only for the most SPECIAL of occasions - I take small sections of hair and wrap it around the barrel of a small curling iron for a second.  Viola!  Sleek curls.  These curls last for a solid 3 days....4 if I really really push it.

What curly hair products do you use?  I'm thinking about using a curling shampoo and conditioner once the gigantic bottles of shampoo/conditioner I currently have finally run out.  Any thoughts??


  1. I have straight straight straight hair and am uber jealous of your curly locks. Your hair always looks so pretty! xxx

  2. I LOVE Aveda products and my salon only uses them.. the smell is amazing & it feels great too! I'm a sucker and usually leave with a new treat.. lipgloss or rose water. LOVE!
    I just had my curls relaxed a bit w/ the Coppola Keratin so no locks for me. I'll have to try the ones you mentioned above once this wears off!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I have straight as a board super shiny hair. But it's oily and has to be washed every day! Just shampoo and a small amount of conditioner.

    My sister has hair just like yours.

    How can we be so opposite?

  4. Weird. Aveda products rape my hair. Even the teeniest bit and it looks like a home spiral perm that's been growing out for 6 months. NOT. GOOD.

  5. I've had good luck with the Deva line of products, and have been curious about the Aveda line.

    I'm curious how you get your curls to survive sleeping on them. Even with satin pillowcases, mine looks awful on day 2 unless it's blown out straight.

  6. I like wavy and curly hair and I was so confuse that which product I should use for curly hair style. You did great job by creating this post. It inspires me to use this product. Now I would like to try it, hope it will work nice. I will back soon to give my review on this.

  7. I have REALLY similar hair to yours and I cannot recommend highly enough the M.O.P. C-System products (in the orange bottles). I use just a tiny bit (pea-sized) of the C-System curling cream to get the same look you rock. I also love the C-System shampoo and conditioner, but I use the M.O.P. Mixed Greens moisturizing S & C instead because I LOVE the way it smells. Like you, I only shampoo my hair every 3-4 days, but I wet it and use conditioner every day in the shower - let's me wear my hair down every day if I want (my hair is NOT good after being slept on unless I use the curling iron...).

  8. THANK YOU for this post. I am totally going to try Aveda now b/c your curls are seriously rockin'.

    I never blow dry my hair (too much time). In fact, I don't even own a hair dryer. It's air-dry all the way for me!

  9. Ah, if only I had known these things in middle/high school. I used to rock a ponytail every day! I have curly/wavy hair too. It took me years to figure out how to style it. Thanks for the post. I am going to try Aveda now :)

    P.S. Your hair is gorgeous!



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