Friday, September 10, 2010

one RAD way to rehearsal dinner

literally - the only picture taken of Tommy and I at the dinner!  thanks a heap Polly!

Tommy and I bargain hunted like crazies when it came to our wedding...the venue...the DJ...the rehearsal dinner...the hotels...EVERYTHING.  But boy did we hit the freaking jackpot when it came to that rehearsal dinner!  We FEASTED at Big Foot BBQ in downtown Flagstaff - fab location, quirky rad atmosphere...DE-LISH-CIOUS eats.  Holy God.

meeting Heather and Jon of OneLove for the first time - I pretty sure I squealed and hugged them within the first second.

This really was the meeting ground for most of our family members.  It's where we introduced our aunts and uncles to eachother - it's where some of our friends starting becoming friends with eachother - and it's where we met our photogs...yay!  Haha!

We didn't have anything really planned for this occassion - we wanted to treat all these fab folks who spent their holiday weekend to celebrate with us to some seriously southwestern fair.  The cost ended up being roughly $10 per person - which is pretty sweet - and everyone ate themselves stupid.  Except me - for some reason I just couldn't keep my ass in my seat long enough to chow DOWN.  Granted...I ate...but usually in those situations I stuff my face until my belly hurts.  Anyway...

Tommy and I got up and said some "thank yous" for those of us that came from so far to celebrate with us.  I got all choked a ninny...but eh.

with my baby sister! 

So words of wisdom on this little topic...HAVE A REHEARSAL DINNER or WELCOME DINNER or WHATEVAYOUWANNACALLIT!  I loved our super low key and relaxed atmosphere...nothing stuffy...rad space...plenty of alcohol that people could purchase themselves...simple food that was delish...and checkered tablecloths.  Even if we ended up doing hot dogs and hamburgers it would have been fun.  This was just a great way to welcome all the folks...and spend a lil bit of time with all these special someones.  The day of the wedding doesn't always leave lots of time to spend with each guest!  Make this time count!


  1. I love your curly hair in these photos! Do you mind me asking what products you use? I'm always trying to find something to keep my frizzies on the down low!

  2. Look how great you look in these photos. And I also thought your hair looked amazing!

  3. I loved our rehearsal dinner! It was at the restaurant at our venue and was totally laid back, acting as a little break for all the fab folks who were helping us decorate our marquee. I agree - any bride-to-be out there should definitely plan one as the perfect way to kick off the celebrations!
    ps. you look so pretty in these pictures!

  4. YOU look so great!! and i totally agree...this looked like so much fun!

  5. OMG you looked gorgeous! We had a family dinner with just our immediate families at my Groom's parents home. Our wedding was the first time our families were meeting each other (scary) so it was important that it be low-key and intimate. It worked out wonderfully, and the day of the wedding everyone was relaxed.

  6. It looks like you guys had lots of fun !!!
    And I have to agree with all the comments above... you looks great !!!


  7. I like the low-key action. Ours was at the rodeo, and it was SO much fun. It was great to have so many people gather together before the wedding... and we felt like we were able to chat with a lot more people then than at the wedding itself.

  8. Okay. Your hair in these pictures? Divine!

    What's your secret? This curly-haired girl needs to know. ;)

  9. Words of wisdom noted! Thanks!



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