Thursday, September 9, 2010

wedding wishes come true

 1. Weather - best thing to wish for, the weather was absolutely lovely...the proof is in the wedding video.

3. Family Cohesion - yea...this ruled! (I should I have included friends in this post too...that was fun to witness...friends becoming new friends...and then seeing new friend updates on Facebook!  Ha!)

5. That they "Get" it - all we heard was how lovely our wedding was...people def "got" it.  And you know, as it got closer, I cared less what people thought at all...that may sound rude...but Tommy and I had created such a personal ceremony, I was excited to experience it.

6.  Handy Helpers -  if it weren't for our friends n fam, our wedding would not have had flowers!  or decor!  or dessert!  or favors!

7. No Shoulda Coulda Woulda - I didn't want any regrets about our wedding to haunt me afterwords.  Thank goodness I wished for this!  There isn't anything I would have done differently.  That's awesome!!

8.  Pretty Pretty Skin - a few months before the wedding my skin went on a fierce rampage.  I was so heavy hearted about it...I tried everything.  In the end...I just had to release it...stop fussing...quick freaking out about it.  So - I woke up with a nice fresh face...I did have a zit...but eh...didn't even slow me down for one second.

9. Keep it Together - thankfully...during the ceremony, a few lil tears flowed down my cheeks...but they were acompanied with a huge smile.  No cry face.  No running mascara.  Totally proud of myself :-)

 10.  Keep Him in the Loop -  I wanted to make sure that Tommy felt a part of the wedding process.  I didn't want to make everything about ME ME ME.  The two of us did a lot of the planning as a team - I did the fluff (flowers, centerpieces, favors.)  WE did everything else!! 

11. Just the Right Light - I wished for perfect light, for the sake of our photography...obviously...those turned out gorgeous!!

12.  Bridesmaids - Loved my girls and their gray dresses!  But more importantly - I loved having these ladies there WITH me!!  After intentionally wanting to keep the bridal party numbers way down - in hindsight, Tommy and I each could have invited a few more folks up there at the alter with us.  Who cares?  These ladies were fun! (this is after the rehearsal dinner!)

more to come next week...

*note:  these pics were all jacked from Facebook friends :-)  for SOME reason, I can't upload my own pictures anymore...blogger says I can't.  What's up with that!??


  1. What happened to number 2 & 4?

    Great wishes. I might have to think up a wishlist of my own... Oh gosh I really hope I don't ugly-cry!

  2. Great post, might have to do something similar since I've been focusing on too many negatives. And as always, you write beautifully and I love your wedding!

  3. It was fabulous and we for sure made some new friends. Thank you for that. And I'll say it again my lil dance partner will be a special request of mine to sing and dance and my wedding :) she was great. A lil mini me from back in my High school days lol remember our school dances for STU CO! HAHA good times. Miss you.

  4. Great post! So many of these are exactly what my wishes were. Except we didn't get the weather we had hoped for. Our outdoor wedding became an indoor wedding, but at least we had an hour when the rain stopped so we got our photos outside. I might have to do a list like this too on my blog...a really cool idea. I loved reading this sort of thing when I was planning our wedding! xx

  5. About the pictures, I think that Blogger/Google/Picasa have a limit to the number of pictures you can upload for free. You can pay for a different type of account to get more pictures with Picasa (I think it is $20 a year) or you can do the same thing with Flickr (a "pro" account costs $20 there too, but you can upload a certain amount of photos each month free). If you use Flickr, you just grab the HTML for the photo and then paste it into your post. A little more work, but I think the photo quality is a little better. Hope that gives you something to explore!

  6. Such great perspective you managed to cultivate throughout the planning process as well as after. I hope many brides learn from your triumphs!



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