Thursday, September 30, 2010

real life: dreamy dreamy sunbeams

Check out these scrumptious wedding photos.  My goodness...I can feeeeeeel the soft warm sunshine on my skin...can you?  This photographer, Clarie Eliza, is new to the Flagstaff photog scene and her stuff is jaw dropping gorgeous. 

I wish I could take pictures that had that magical, ethereal quality to them.  I wish I could take pictures that welcomed the sunbeams...that could use natural golden light to my advantage...that could create drool worthy pictures.

I guess that's why there are professional wedding photographers.  To capture real life Heaven like this.



  1. These are such beautiful pictures. I love the lighting! (ps. hope the iron tablets are helping now and you're feeling a little more perky!) xx

  2. Wonderful use of natural lighting. I agree you can feel the sunshine in these photos. The bride is gorgeous. I love her head band.

  3. These pictures are so beautiful! Love it <3



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