Tuesday, October 12, 2010

buds with baby bumps

 a beautiful maternity memory by Sarah Neal Photography

OK.  I got a phone call from one of my best girl friends yesterday with news that she is pregnant!  I squealed!  I clapped!  I went a lil nutso because I am clearly crazy excited for her and her hubby!

But then I got kinda sad.  It would have been such a fun adventure to experience pregnancy WITH her.

In fact, I have seven friends back home in Arizona who are pregnant...old high school friends, sorority sisters, and college buddies...it would have been AMAZING to rekindle those friendships while supporting each other and learning from each other during this exciting crazy time - you know?  

At least I have an incredibly supportive husband...and Facebook.


  1. Oh man that's tough. But yes, at least you have the phone, facebook, and email. And get on Skype for crying out loud. Video chatting is awesome!

  2. Awww, totally understand that feeling, I had no friends who were engaged around me during that process (and obviously being pregnant is a much bigger deal...)
    But Ithaca's such a cool town, surely there must be a few preggie moms-to-be you could make friends with?? Either way, I know this is wierd bc I don't know you in real life but I'm just so excited for you guys and the baby!

  3. Maybe you could all have a reunion when your babies are two or three years old? That would be fun . . . and hectic! ;)

  4. thank goodness for facebook right?

  5. Ah Facebook, what did we do without you? I'm telling you though, for someone who's best friend is pregnant, and who I see practically everyday (we work three minutes away from each other) it's way to broodyness-inducing! hehe xx

  6. It's so fun to be pregnant together! Amen for facebook :)



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