Friday, October 29, 2010

Doie Lounge

Obviously life has been full speed ahead for me these past couple years.  Medical school was hard, and well, residency is hard.  I come home most days and just need to relax.  I pretty much throw my work clothes off IMMEDIATELY upon entering my home and proceed to live in my comfiest ensembles.

Fortunately, once the heaters in our building went on, our apt is toasty need for bulky sweats.  I tend to live in my new silky robe from Doie Lounge (plus no tight waistband around my preggo belly!!  score!)

The robes from Doie Lounge are handmade in the USA (love this!) - from eco-friendly fabrics (bamboo jersey and 100% silk trim - love this too!) - in pretty and chic designs.  These would be a great gift for your bridesmaids (or a great gift for the bride FROM bridesmaids!)   They run a deal on their site for gift-giving too!

 a bridal party wearing the robes!!

I'm obsessed with wearing mine around the's silky and soft and makes me feel like I'm literally wrapped up in luxury.  Little moments of luxury are such a nice way to end the day.


  1. That is cute! In our freezing flat i need my massive fluffy warm one though! xx

  2. I was all about comfy clothes for my pregnancies. "Flowy" nightgowns were my favorite.



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