Thursday, October 28, 2010

la bumpa - 19 weeks

Do you like our license plate collection?


I became large...and round...and I sortof love it :-)  I constantly have one of my hands on my belly...usually on the underbelly part...and I have no idea feels so comforting to do so.  I spend a lot of time rubbing my belly...playing with baby...and helping to alleviate the crazy tension on my stomach skin.  

Except, I've had a few really really rough "pregnant sick" days recently...where I have to sit down...where standing up makes me nauseated (which makes being a resident very complicated).  Also, I can't sleep past 3:30am (the sleeping thing has been going on for the past few weeks).   Not being able to sleep flat on my back or on my tummy is hard...I am typically such a squirmy sleeper - but now I only have two positions...lying on my right or lying on my left.  It's tough!  Oh.  And I still have to pee like every 30 minutes.  Pregnancy is seriously bizarre.

Annnnd I have 4 more months to go.  Can you even imagine how gigantic I'm going to get!  It's going to be CRAZY!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, look at that lovely bump! I can't believe how quickly they grow. My best friend changed so much over around 4 weeks and now she's got 2 months left and is huge! But in a good way!! Poor you with the sickness though, hope it's not too bad xx

  2. Can you still call that a bump?!?! HAHA Love you jess - Amanda just found out she's having a boy!! Maybe you too!!


  3. Oh...sweet girl! I'm loving your baby bump. Secretly making me a little jealous even though we are probably a few years from that but you never know, right? You are too cute! Keep the pictures coming...

  4. you are adorable!!!! how fun that it poked out so quickly! its fun to see your amazing wedding planning and now your baby share more on your thoughts, experiences, what kind of parents you're going to be... we are going to be "trying" in a few months... can't wait to be in your shoes!!

  5. Your bump is darling...

    What's the deal with the license plates? I really like them.

  6. you're so cute! love that you used the license plates as decor!

  7. You are adorable!

    Also - I remember always having a hand on my stomach too. Once someone told me that it is kind of an instinctual protect the baby. Kinda makes sense, don't you think?

  8. Slept on my back for both pregnancies to full term. Trust your instincts.



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