Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a frilly bridal cape?

I think this is just divine...almost too lovely for words.  It makes me sigh.   So wispy...soooo romantic.  Like the bride in a fairytale...or a Princess....or an Austin character. 

As much as I adore this, it is not a look I would never ever attempt for myself.  I'm a fashion wimp.  Are there any bridal trends you secretly worship but wouldn't dare replicate?


  1. I think more brides would wear it if the ruff around the neck were a little less dramatic. But it is beautiful for sure.

  2. hmmm...i might wear it if i got married on halloween? :)

  3. It's actually a fairy like dress. Lovely ! I am also planning my wedding, but I have planned the dress with a veil instead.



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