Thursday, October 21, 2010

homemade applesauce

Recall the apple picking escapade we enjoyed a couple weeks ago?


We kept talking and talking and talking about.  We looked up recipes...and talked about it some more...and would get excited about doing this "new" thing that neither of us had done before.  Thankfully, my husband is a DO kinda guy...he went and bought all the tools we needed this weekend while i was oncall at the hospital...and when I got home it was a fun filled couple of hours together in the kitchen!

By the way - making applesauce is so easy it's ridiculous.

1.  It started with beautiful fresh apples.  We had 5 different types of apples:  Courtland, Empire, Macoun, Jonogold, and Red Delicious.   We used 20 apples.

2. I suggested we buy an apple corer - (click here to see what I had in mind)...yet the picture above is the "machine" that Tommy brought slices, peels and cores...and suctions itself to the counter-top.  QUITE a phenomenal contraption...bulky yes ...but rad.

3.  After they were cleaned, sliced, peeled, and cored they were soaked in a lemon-water to prevent over browning.  (3 parts water, 1 part lemon juice)

4.  Then they were cooked in boiling water for 20 - 25 minutes. (not a huge pot of water...just enough to keep the apples from sticking to the bottom of the pan)

5.  Then we strained the water.

6.  Then Tommy and his awesome man-power mashed em smooth!!

7.  Then my camera died... before we seasoned them with brown sugar and cinnamon.

8.  After we created the most delicious taste imaginable...they went back on the stove for around 8 minutes.

Ohmygod so good!!!  We ate it warm.  Delish!


  1. i LOVE homemade applesauce, reminds me of my childhood. my mom would make it every fall...soo yummy. enjoy!!

  2. You made your first baby food!



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