Saturday, October 23, 2010

happy birthday!

Today my love and I are celebrating his birthday in picturesque New Hampshire!!  So that's where we are today...exploring a new state together (I've never been!!)

In my house we celebrate birthday's for 7 full days...The Birthday Week.  It's way more fun than just one day...let me tell ya.

I started the week off beautifully by making him a yummy yummy dinner...and then slowly my schedule at the hospital ate me alive, and all I could do way buy him little treats at the store (or the hospital cafe.)   And well, Tommy ended up making unbelievable culinary delights for me!

I really wanted to make him his FAVORITE dessert - his mom's famous blondie brownies.  Then it hit me...oh yea...I don't have a freaking electric mixer.  No Blondie Brownies...and no homemade angel food cake.  Not this year.  Oh well...that's what they make ice-cream cakes for!!

1 comment:

  1. Despite the brownies, it sounds like an awesome day! Ice Cream cake is never a bad thing! Happy birthday Tommy!! This time next year, you'll be getting happy birthday Daddy cards, hehe xxx



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