Wednesday, October 27, 2010

picture this


I was at the Wegman's pumpkin patch - selecting a couple bodacious pumpkins for a carving party tomorrow night.  Their selection was quirky - and since I love quirky pumpkins I was in my element (you know, crazy stems, lumps and bumps and funny shapes).  Yet, this wasn't just "some day at the pumpkin patch" - oh no - it was like all the best gifts of autumn were bundled around me in those moments.  There was a steady shower of bright yellow leaves flowing along the was like a snow fall of gold...carpeting the ground in brilliant crunchiness.  The weather was warm - but had a subtle crispness to it that was perfect for fall, and made me feel cozy in my hoodie.  There were happy kiddos everywhere in their Halloween costumes (there was a festival going on)...and their innocent excitment was infectious!  I found myself smiling ear to ear...and noticing that everyone around me was too.  I wanted to laugh and clap and cry for no other reason but that life is just so beautiful, and I'm so lucky to be here experiencing all of this.

That's all.

Do you think my hormones are getting the best of me or what!?  ha!  I just re-read the above paragraph and I blushed because it sounds so corny - but it was so corny!  I thought I was in a goddamn Hallmark movie or was just all so MAGICAL.  I could not delete it.  

*note: these pictures were from about a month ago - the colors of the leaves are even more expressive neon orange and bright yellow and deep me goosebumps to look out the windows and see these things.  


  1. I know exactly what you felt. I moved to the Appalachian mountains in NC nine and a half years ago. I now live in the mountains of GA and I'm moving across the state line into NC again next spring to yet a new town.

    I have had days here where I felt I was living inside a painting.

  2. I think your words were beautiful and there's nothing wrong with a bit of gushing and corniness here and there! I'm so happy that you're so happy. It's lovely to hear xx

  3. hehe,it just sounds like you're enjoying life!I,too,have had those moments,where I just stop and the light coming through the trees or whatever.Beauty that God made for me to enjoy.



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