Tuesday, November 2, 2010

babies scare me.

my grandma loved babies...she had six!  here she is holding my daddy ...sooo cute!

I love lil kiddos...I loved being a lil kid myself :-)  Except, babies...well....babies are another story.  I don't particularly warm to babies.  I think they are adorable and precious...and they make me "oooo" and "ahhhh" and smile so big my cheeks hurt....but I'm not exactly into holding them.  I never ask to hold people's babies...even when they ask.  I smile and say "no thank you."

They make me nervous.  They are so fragile.  Breakable.  Plus, I don't speak baby - so I never know what the heck to do with them. 

I have four months to get over this.  

Am I such a freak?
*when my friend had her baby, Luke, I was in love - Tommy and I would go visit weekly...but I would hold him for a few minutes at a time, sitting on the sofa, and the second he would whimper I would pass him off to Tommy (Tommy is brilliant with babies and small children...I'm so lucky!)


  1. I have the same problem. Over the weekend my family welcomed a new baby (my cousin) and we went to the hospital to see him... everyone kept asking if I wanted to hold him... and as precious as he is I declined. Scared he might start to cry or I wouldn't support his little head good enough. I think it just takes some practice!

  2. As soon as they put your baby in your arms you'll be fine. It'll be different with your own, i'm sure. When my first nephew was born I was always scared of his fragility but they're so sturdy I soon got over that!
    Is there anything more damn right gorgeous than a guy who's good with babies and little ones. So cute. Ben makes my heart melt when he plays with our nephews. Broody, moi?! xxx

  3. You'll be fine! Remember that whole mother's instinct thing? Well it HAS to be true...otherwise I don't think some of my friends would be the great parents they are. ;)

  4. So true, toddlers I love to interact with, but babies are a little intimidating. Thankfully, babies are a lot tougher than most people think. And everyone else is right, once it's your baby and your instinct has a chance to kick in, I'm sure you'll be fine.

  5. im exactly the same...plus the spit up out of no where freaked me out as a teenager...i dont think i ever got over it.

  6. you are going to be fine! i'm sure once its yours, those maternal instincts will kick in and you will know exactly what to do. plus you'll have the help of all the women in your life. they'll guide you. and you have an amazing husband. so excited for you!!

  7. Come back here and post two months after your baby is born. You will be an old hand by that time. ;)

  8. Oh my goodness. I tooootally agree with you. Babies are so scary. And I'm in OB rotation right now... Sweet Jesus. You will be a wonderful mother though. Just lovely. The instincts will kick in early, I'm sure ;)



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