Friday, November 5, 2010

baby face

I was browsing through some old pictures last night and I found myself staring into the face of my dad... as a baby!  I am completely smitten with these images. It makes me wonder what our baby girl will look like - will she have my smile, my dad's eyes, or my husbands curly hair?   I will be exploring some of the baby pictures of my family members - just for fun.

My dad, David, was the first born, so there are soooo many baby pictures of him!!  I love I love!  Such a lil cutie pie...and quite special as he was the first born in his South Dakota town on January 1, 1951.

When my dad was still a baby he contracted polio... my grandma gets teary every time she talks about it... they thought he was going to die, as so many little ones did.  They kept him isolated in a little hospital room and wouldn't allow his parents in...they didn't understand the virus.  So, my great-grandmother assured the hospital staff and her family, that she had lived a full life and if she got sick taking care of her grandson that that was OK, but she wasn't going to let her grandbaby be alone in a hospital room.   Thankfully, my dad was very fortunate, and turned out just fine.

These photographs are such a treasure.  Tommy and I want to take lots of pictures of our little one when she comes along - any camera suggestions??   

the day he was born

 with his mama

 do you see the smile on that face?  has any kid ever been so happy in the history of the world!?

 I love this one on the bike.

 on the tractor with grandpa Ed

this one reminds me a lil of Spanky from the Lil Rascals...makes me crack up!


  1. Such cute photos! Your dad was definitely a photogenic baby.
    As for camera suggestions, we have a Canon Rebel XT and we love it. It's fast at capturing those quick moments, but not too hard to understand and use. They also make another model (XTi, I think) that has video capabilities. It wouldn't be on par with a camcorder, but for short videos like first steps or smiles, it would work well.

  2. These pictures are such treasures. I am jealous of all the family images you have -- old family wedding photos included.

    I, too, have a Canon Rebel and love it!

  3. Spanky. LOL

    Cute stuff!

  4. So cute! I'm a new follower and love your blog!

  5. So that's why you were asking about South Dakota :) Care to share where he grew up? [you can email me if you want: palershade at gmail]
    Also, my dad used to call me Spanky, he still lets it slip sometimes. As a teenager his nickname was Buckwheat because of his white guy afro- ha!
    I bet that will be so fun to see who your little girl looks like!

  6. Your father was SO cute! And the house he grew up in (I'm guessing anyway) was pretty freaking awesome too! Lol.

  7. These are sooo great! I also love your grandmothers saddle shoes and bobby socks!

  8. Thanks for sharing with us. I am a new grandmother and if anything happened to my grandbaby, I would react just like your great-grandmother. Your dad was so cute! He makes me smile!

  9. camera suggestion: as a wedding present, we just got the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100. You can see a lot of the photos that we took on our honeymoon were taken with it (all the ones where the title starts with P) here:

  10. Man... that is a GREAT story. Your great grandmother was a selfless lady! Just get a camera that has instant click capabilities... meaning there's not the 3 second pause before it actual takes the photo. That way you don't miss the 1 second smile that comes on when they're 4 days old. P.S. Congrats on a girl!!! That's fantastic.. you'll be a great mom. Lots to blog about in motherhood.



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