Thursday, November 4, 2010

we're having a...............

cute tags via CraftyPaganDesigns

We are having a little girl!  
I am thrilled!  
Tommy is excited!  
We are psyched!!

Annnnnnnd we have her name already selected.  
We don't waste time....
we've had her name selected right from the start.

Let's talk baby names next week...I wanna play that game (it's so fun!).  But not today - today let's just cherish the fact we'll be having a lil girl...a lil sugar and spice and everything nice!  And according to my visit, she is growing quite is my belly!

Imagine mommy to a little girl.  I like it.


  1. Yeah!! Our little girls are going to rock it! We have our name already too!

  2. Tee! Congrats you guys!

    We haven't even started trying but I just have a feeling that our first will be a girl too! I grew up wanting a boy and then a girl, but lately I just think that it'll be a girl. We have some names picked out already too haha. Playing the "what do you think of this name" game has been my way of easing the hubs into the idea of us having a baby in the first place.. haha

    I'm super excited for you.. even though I don't know you.. I hope that's not too weird haha.

  3. Congrats!!! How super sweet - very excited for you both


    Second, when I saw the picture I wondered if you were announcing triplet girls. ;)

  5. Congratulations!! Little girls have the cutest clothes :) Can't wait to hear what name you picked out.

  6. Congrats! A baby girl, how exciting!

  7. hooray! time to start buying girly onsies!!

  8. Fabulous! How exciting!!! You'll be such a sweet mom to a little girl!

  9. She's going to be sweet and beautiful and funny and wicked smart.

    I'm going to teach her how to make jam...and kolaches...and how to cuss and swear creatively.

  10. Awesome awesome news! Eeek, so exciting. Can't wait to hear all about name choices! xx

  11. Yay, so happy for you guys!! I love little girls!

  12. bahhh she is going to have the most phenomenal, curly, red hair and the most beautiful mama. so stoked for you pretty lady

  13. Congrats! That's great :) Me and the soon-to-be hubs have always wanted a girl first too :)

  14. Awwww! You are so adorable you know that? You've got me over here feeling all warm and fuzzy for you- so sending those warm fuzzies your way!

  15. Woohoo - all this baby talk is making me giddy...I need to slow my roll but for now I can live through your exciting mommy news!



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