Friday, December 3, 2010

baby school - and 24 weeks!

 24 weeks!  I see my face getting a little poofy :-) 

This has been a BIG week for me and Tommy.   We celebrated our 6 month anniversary and my 29th birthday, we took a formal tour at the hospital for our daughters birth, and took our first baby class  (all while I've had a terrible rotten cold.)  What an interesting week.

First of all - being sick and being pregnant simply sucks.  I honest-to-God have not slept in 5 days because I keep drowing in my own snot, and my mouth gets so terribly dried out from breathing through my mouth that my lips are chapped/cracked and my cough keeps getting worse.  The skin all around my nose is red, flaky and dry from blowing my nose 100s of times per day.  I seriously feel sorry for myself.  Can you tell?  Colds tend to be self-limiting, so if I don't get better by Monday I'll be making a doctor's appointment. 

Our anniversary was lovely, and my birthday was great - on both of those nights we had "dates" at the hospital.  Touring the hospital facilities was GREAT!  It was a large group of expectant couples...our tour guides were the nurses of the NICU, Maternity ward, and Nursery.  Very informative.  The delivery rooms are freaking NIIIIIICE!  I feel more comfortable knowing where everything is located and how this is all gonna play out.

We took the first baby class last night, and it was the best thing ever.  I signed Tommy and I up for every class the hospital offers:  including a breastfeeding course, a delivery course, a bringing baby home course, and a baby nutrition course.  Today was the first part of the delivery course...two and a half hours have never flown by so fast!!  We learned how to bathe baby, diaper her up, and swaddle her comfy cozy.  It was fun to see so many couples that are pregnant too - we have class again next week and I'm totally looking forward to it.

I am completely enthralled with my pregnancy right now - it's pretty much at the forefront of every thought I entertain these days.  I want to start sharing more of our baby decisions on diapers and cribs and stuff.  Stuff that I never ever thought about until a month ago or so.  It's funny how that works.  We'll see if anybody even keeps reading my blog once I start piling on the baby goods :-) 


  1. I'm totally late on this one but happy birthday!! And I'm totally drooling over all things baby so keep it coming!

  2. Firstly happy birthday lovely lady. How awesome has this year been for you?! Secondly, i will so not be getting bored with all the baby talk. There may have been some broodiness occuring in our household recently, so i'm rather looking forward to all the baby news!
    So glad the tour of the hospital was good, and the class was informative. You have that pregnancy glow more and more every week xx

  3. I see no puffy-face-factor that you speak of. You look fabulous! I'm considering pregnancy, only to have a great rack for 9 months. How cool would that be?

    JK, kinda. :)

  4. I'll still read! The thing is, many of your readers from "the beginning" are now just trolling along the same timeline as you. So, keep the baby stuff coming. You do not have a puffy face and Happy Anniversary/Birthday!

  5. I am relieved to hear there are classes you can take on that stuff. I've never heard of that before, and I will need help in those areas, if the day comes one day...

  6. re: your nose, try the kleenx or puffs, or whatever brand you want with lotion. They're amazing! I've got constant sniffles in the winter from the temperature change and they're the only thing that keep me from looking like Roodolfa the little, Jewish randier.

  7. I echo the sentiments that more discussion of baby-related stuff is quite welcome. We're thinking of entering that stage sometime next year (if all goes well) and I'd love some insight from someone who is already experiencing it. Keep 'em coming! (and p.s. I hope you had the happiest birthday!)

  8. First of all, your face is NOT getting poofy. You look fantastic!

    I'm so sorry you've been sick. I got a sinus infection when I was 36 weeks pregnant last time and it was no fun at all. Shouldn't there be some kind of rule that pregnant women can't get sick? ;)

    I look forward to reading your posts about "baby decisions." Are you going to share about your birth hopes and "plans" too?



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