Tuesday, December 14, 2010

diaper bags for daddy

DadGear - $88

Having a diaper bag is a MUST with a baby....right?

Funds are tight around here...so instead of a gorgeous new handbang, or lux leather messenger bags,  what we need is a diaper bag :-)  Yay baby!!  And actually, once I started browsing them (at CSN.com...of course, my go to shopping experience with bazillions of items and reviews and wicked great prices) I got excited :-)

Some of them are kind of awesome looking - they look like handbags, or rad messenger bags or backpacks.  Though they make sooo many pretty bags, I promised Tommy that we wouldn't get a flowery girly one (despite the fact that I hear Vera Bradley makes  wicked cute diaper bags!)  Tommy will be with our baby the most - at least for the first few months of her life as I have to go back to work right away.  What a lucky baby girl ours is...to be with daddy all the time!!  

CSN.com has a "Diaper Bags for Dad" section - how genius.  What do you think?  Dude friendly??  I think so....Tommy get's to pick :-)

 Skip Hop Dash - $57

 Diaper Dude - $98

DadGear - $59


  1. Well, flowers would clash with just about everything YOU would be wearing most days too. Yeah, get a gender neutral one you can both use. ;)

  2. They're all really nice. Papa perfect, you might say! It's all coming together isn't it. That little one will be here before you know it!

    ps. we ordered a Canon 500D DSLR. I can't tell you how excited i am about it arriving! What did you go with? xx

  3. Micheal Chabon tells a funny story about how he got so used to carrying around a diaper bag and being able to put his stuff in it, that when his kid didn't need the diaper bag anymore, he still needed a bag-- a man purse. So, I say get something that doesn't really even look like a diaper bag for easy transition. ;)

    (It's at the bottom of this transcript from Fresh Air: http://ww.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?storyId=113544878)

  4. J has the Diaper Dude that is camo with an orange peace sign... very "manly". :) It's a cross-shoulder bag, so he can use it riding his bike once we don't need a diaper bag anymore.



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