Friday, December 31, 2010

the girls I work with made me cry

Not in a bad a really really sweet way.

 here I am at 29 weeks!!!  I really popped huh!!!  We were putting away Christmas decor and Tommy said, "whoa, you look really pregnant I need to take your picture NOW!"  It was pretty funny. 

Last month I was on medicine floors at the hospital...which means wicked early mornings, lots of late nights, and insanely hectic days....tested my patience a LOT.  Except, there was a huge plus... I worked on a team with GIRLS!!  It was huge.  Since I've lived in New York I haven't really had any girlfriends...I work with nearly all guys (and don't get me wrong...the men I work with are sooo great... but lady comrades are gems!).  So you can imagine my ELATION to befriend a few fab females!   Plus, these girls kindof made a fuss over my "preggo-ness" which was totally fun.  They ooohed and ahhhed over my ever expanding belly, and would tell me how cute I am - which is always sweet to hear since I feel large and kindof clumsy in this expanded shell I'm in. 

A couple of them said they wanted to throw me a little baby shower.  Isn't that so nice?  These girls, whom I barely know, want to throw me a shower.  I couldn't even contain eyes welled up. 

I'm making friends :-)

Baby steps.  Literally.

*note:  I'm doing my Plastic Surgery rotation right now and am in Heaven - it is SOOOOO amazing!  Those medicine floor rotations always suck the life out of me...and then I get to go back in the operating room and all is at peace with the world again.  Plastic surgeons do amazingly beautiful work - some of their results are so perfect you wouldn't even know a deformity was present at all!  Gives me goosebumps.  I'm so lucky to learn from these docs.


  1. hehe you said wicked. too cute!

    so glad you're finding girlfriends. I never really found close girlfriends in WNC. Guess I'm too much of a west-coaster.

  2. i was just telling andy how sad I am about not really having any good girlfriends up here yet...i'm so glad you've found some ladies to bond's so necessary! :)

    and you are so cute right now!

  3. You really DID pop! You are so adorable.
    Enjoy your shower. : )

  4. Nice to have girlfriends.

  5. you look adorable with that belly.
    and having girlfriends makes life that much better.



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