Thursday, January 13, 2011

baby faces wenzel and albert

Check out these ooooooldies - this picture is from 1888!  My great-grandfather is the little boy on the right, in the straw hat and the little white dress.  My great-grandfather's name is Albert, his baby brother's name was Wenzel.  Albert grew up to be a handsome young lad, and hard-working North Dakota farmer. 

Not a terribly cheery crowd, eh?  Here's the fam in 1894...with little baby Joseph in the middle, and my great-great grandfather Albert and great-great grandmother Anna.  Oh well, sitting still for a long period of time would have been tricky...and icky.  My great-grandfather is the child on the far right.


  1. i've seen pictures of my great grandpa when he was young and he was SO handsome. He was alive until i was 12 so i do have some great memories of him as an older gentleman but I love looking at his high school photos.

  2. Hi I'm a new follower! This is amazing that you have all these old photos, it makes me want to see in my family if we have any.

  3. Love these pictures as well as the history, clothing, etc. My husband and I were married in October 2010. For a table at our reception, we went through old family photos, scanned them, and had a "Family" framed photo table. We now have them hanging all around our home. Your post makes me want to keep digging around for some more to enjoy and preserve.

  4. I think the photos are adorable. But yeah, they didn't smile for photos back then because they had to sit still for so long.

    And isn't it a trip to see how good looking some of our ancestors were?

  5. I love looking at old family photos. Thanks for sharing your treasure trove with us!

  6. I wonder why people were always so serious in photographs in that era. I suppose the photographers must not have said "Smile!" before clicking the button. ;)



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