Tuesday, January 11, 2011

nursery love

I wrote this post and then did some additional nursery browsing online.  My mouth just about hit the floor when I saw this nursery.  Let me tell you why I died:  that's our crib, I just ordered three yellow poms from PomLove this weekend, and I've been searching Craigslist for a dresser to paint yellow.  Honest. To. God.  You can read all about this nursery here.

We haven't really paid much attention to the nursery.  Well...I've been thinking about it...a lot...but am having a tough time actually committing to anything.  This is similar to wedding planning...where there are so many lovely ideas out there and beautiful things to choose from.  How then, do we choose?  To help me, I've been "saving" random images of nurseries that I love...hoping...praying...that there is something similar about them that helps me hone in my ideas.

I now have a file of roughly 20 images...and none of them have sources that I can link to (which makes me feel bad...and I know that's breaking the blogging rules.  Sorry!!!!!)

Things I've identified in "my nursery taste"
1. No matchy matchy (go figure...I didn't dig this for my wedding either...or for general home design)
2. Whimsical...but not too baby and yet not too stuffy grown-up (does that even make sense?)
3. Yellow.  Again.  Always?
4.  Poms and lanterns to bring in color, texture, and fun
5.  A reading/nursing nook with a comfy chair


  1. Don't worry. Nurseries are pretty simple, really. There's the standard equipment and the rest is just your taste.

    A comfortable chair for nursing is good, but you will find yourself nursing while watching TV in the living room too. ;)

  2. Glad that you liked our nursery! Best of luck in creating the perfect room for your little baby!

  3. Omg! That is the most adorable nursery! Good luck with finding everything you want :)

  4. Love the yellow details. I'm totally on the same page lately. I've been so into yellow inspiration. We're also decorating our new home. We moved cross country with no furniture. I mean nothing: no bed, no dressers, no sofa, no tables. We are trying to hold off on purchasing much before we get a few solid design ideas, but like you said, there's so much inspiration out there it's hard to decide...

  5. Pom poms, yellow and no matchy matchy? You're describing my ideal room. That crib (hehe, we call them cots!) is fab and you definitely need to find some drawers to paint. I now want yellow drawers. Your bubba is a lucky little thing! xx

  6. I want to be a baby in your nursery.

  7. So SWEET! I love kids rooms and babies too! My favorite book is called COOL KIDS ROOMS. I think you would like it :)

  8. That room looks so calm. I love the blue-gray paint with white & yellow accents. We started out with a rocking chair in the nursery, but found we never used it. Eventually moved it to the living room where the "rocking" really took place.



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