Thursday, January 20, 2011

a lil yellow sunshine

How lovely are those art prints of nursery rhymes and classic children's tales?  SOO beautiful!

All of these rooms have more than a little pop of yellow color - and they seem so cheerful and happy.  We live in an apartment with white walls, white floors and white painting allowed.  So I hope to bring color into the space in other bedding and art.  Yellow will find it's way into our space...probably in a little way though.  Humm...

 I think that "ABC" print is adorable!!

I think that the Ikea bookshelf it a good idea for storage and toys.  Our little room doesn't have space for something like that - but storage is important.  Also - what a fun yellow chair :-)


  1. Nothing like sunny yellow to "cheery up" any space!

  2. You really can't paint, even if you paint it back to white after?

    Well.. have you considered wall decals? You can get them on etsy (among other places). I'm sure you can brighten up the walls with some of those! And they're totally removable. You can even find some that are reusable! Although not all of them are..

  3. That yellow ceiling with the birds kills me. LOVE that!



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