Sunday, January 23, 2011

mama pudge

One thing I SWORE I would never do while pregnant would be to complain about weight gain.  Hearing adorably plump pregnant women complain about their big butts and big bellies made me sad.  The health of their baby is worth the pudge.  Right?

At my doctor's appointment this past week, after the warm welcome from the sweet sweet nursing staff, and after the urine test and belly measurement,  I got weighed.  Holy cow.  Hello 20 pound weight gain. 

My initial reaction was, "oh no."  But, I love it.

I've had to start wearing various sterling silver rings instead of my wedding band.  My fingers have become rather plump :-)  And forget about wearing anything other than maternity clothes or Large scrubs.  I officially cannot bend more tying my own shoes...even putting my pants on is hilarious as I can barely reach my fee.  No more crossing my legs...and my walk has become more of a waddle.   But as humerous and endearing as it is to be preggo - it's gotten uncomfortable. 

I've let a couple comments slip to Tommy noting my increasing double chin and steadily growing arse...but...the thoughts are gone in a moment when I feel my little one twirl in my belly.  Who knows how big I'm going to get - I still have so many weeks to go!!!


  1. If you've only gained 20 pounds from the pregnancy, then you're doing great. I still remember Family Living class in high school when the teacher said to expect something like a 29 pound gain from baby and placenta alone.

    Don't worry, all women gain in the derriere and lose it. That's not permanent. As far as a double chin, some of it is swelling. I've noticed that many pregnant women even have their lips swell.

  2. I can't WAIT to see those baby pictures!!! I wish you were closer so I could take some maternity/baby photos for you. You've got to get those!



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