Monday, January 24, 2011

my babyface

this is my mom's favorite picture of me as a toddler - I look so happy!

Meet me as a lil baby.  My family tells me I was the happiest...that I smiled and laughed all the time.  Aren't those nice things to hear about yourself as a teeny one?  (Do people even tell their kiddos if they were fussy criers?) 

I wonder if my baby will look like me.  Will she have my smile...or my eye color? 

If my daughter is anything like me as a baby - she will be bald until she is about 2.
four mama looks so pretty.
my expression is so funny here - and wow - my fingers were so small.  i love my daddy in this early 80's.
me and mommy...and my dolly.


  1. sweet. I'm sure you'll see yourself in your lil baby...and i hope she picks up that smile of yours!

  2. aw. you were absolutely adorable.

    I know this sounds weird, but a cousin of mine didn't have much hair when she was born. Her parents shaved her head twice when she was younger and it helped grow the hair out. However, po' thing had to go through two phases where she looked like a shaolin monk. LOL

    Your baby is going to be absolutely adorable! :)

  3. your mom does look good in that picture, and you look so cute.

    So to add to this conversation, my parents always tell me how stubborn and pouty I was. There are even pictures of family parties and vacations with me in the corner sulking. haha, glad I'm on the dance floor now!

  4. OMG you were gorgeous!

    I love old photos

  5. I love your retro photos - you are adorable (and definitely happy). That 1st photo is true to your personality today - energetic, daring, and positive. :)



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