Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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You know my complete admiration for our wedding photographers, Heather and Jon of One Love Photography, based out of Tacoma, WA.   You can read my thoughts on their wedding photography here. They perfectly captured the joy of our wedding.   Seriously...perfect.  This week they featured OUR WEDDING on their blog...and it made me all misty eyed to see those pictures again!  Go see here!

There are a couple perks about that photo team that I haven't mentioned here...something that YOU may want to think about when hiring your wedding photographer.  Mainly, what their package includes.  Our package, included everything (travel, the photography, 100+ actual photos, and all the digital images!)

One Love created a slideshow of the best 100 or so images from the wedding that told the story of the day.  THEN...they sent us those 100 or so physical  photos...beautiful photos...not printed at Walgreens...printed deliciously on thick proper photography paper.

*sidenote real fast:  their prices to purchase photos were actually affordable - as low as $1.99 for a 4x6 image.  For those of you who have done serious photography inquiry, you know that photogs can charge upwards of $15 per 4x6 (when I first heard that a 4x6 could cost around $15 I started laughing.... because.... well... really???)

this is my kind of packaging!!  brown paper packages tied up with strings :-)
For our 6 month anniversary, One Love sent us the zip drive that had allllllll of the images from our wedding - hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous photos.  (Some photographers will "sell" the CDs of your wedding images for extra $$$ - One Love includes it!  And, there are some photographers who refuse to ever give their clients the digital images of the wedding...depends on the photog.)

cute lil heart!!

To sum it up...our photographers took treasured pictures of us and were gems to work with.  Then they sent us the actual pictures of our day (which was amazing and our house is covered in them *grin*).  AND they sent us the digital images of alllll of our wedding photos...which is huge. 

*sigh*  I just love One Love.  They are my favorite.


  1. wow...i didnt realize they were out of Tacoma! they're in my hood! :)

  2. Wow, they certainly do seem pretty amazing! And of course you have some very very beautiful pictures!

  3. There are some photos in there you haven't posted! Looks like a fun and loving day.



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