Monday, February 21, 2011

my heaven is an orange grove

yummy painting by Etsy artist Mary Anne Cary

That's right my friends....oranges.  My hugest HUGEST craving throughout my pregnancy has been oranges.  For months I haven't been able to eat enough of these pretty little things...I limit myself to 3 or 4 per day (simply because they are ca-razy expensive!)  I could probably go through a dozen per joke... no exaggeration.

I even find myself fantasizing about them at work.  Daydreaming about how I would secure my next one.  Salivating at the thought of my lunch break because I knew I'd be eating one soon.  At one point I wanted to cut a couple up and take them in a ziplock bag to the movies... on a date with my hubby... but I decided against it at the last second.

And truth be told, it isn't JUST the round is anything orange flavored.  Orange soda... yup... orange popsicles... heck yes.... orange yogurt... absolutely... orange juice... every morning.  I've been like a fiend.  Even at Christmas my mother in law was sure to stock up on yummy Florida oranges (and even got me hooked on grapefruit I've actually been eating a TON of that too!), and my bro in law bought a whole case of orange flavored Italian ices for me.  At my baby shower they put together a plate of oranges (which I consumed... almost all by myself...and they were amazing.) 

First of all, recall I'm from Arizona, where citrus trees grow on the sides of the roads and in everyone's backyard.  To buy 'em by the pound was never more than 88 cents.  Yet here I am in frigid NY...and these little jewels cost me roughly $1.25 per PIECE!  Which is insanity.  But.  It's the only thing I really really ever want.   So I indulge myself...and Tommy indulges me too (he always keeps the house stocked with plenty of 'em for's because he loves me and his baby girl.)

I've also had QUITE a hankering for Mexican food - specifically the rolled tacos and bean n cheese burritos from my fave Mexican place in my hometown (Chili Pepper!). Mexican restaurants here.  So I just keep eating the oranges (probably a good thing as I'm sure I would have gained an additional 20 lbs if I could have eaten a burrito every time I've wanted one!)

So there you have it.  My craving and obsession.


  1. Wow, that is expensive. I'm sure the reason you crave them is nutritional since they are packed with Vitamin C.

    My mother craved watermelon and that turned out to be one of my favorite fruits.

  2. What about clementines? Those should be better priced since they (were) in season!
    Also, did Viva's close?!?!?!?!

  3. Right there with you! Both pregnancies... same obsession. They have folic acid in them. I'm guessing that's why?

  4. ahh jes...this post reminded me of one of my favorite prints. i saw it at a street fair when i lived in NYC and fell it love with it instantly. the artist is bella muse and the lines on the print, "I sing to you in sleep songs and i spoil you with oranges," come from one of her poems. it would look supercute it your babe's nursery :) Here it is:

  5. here's some more! thanks for reminding me of this :)

    Sweet Pea:


  6. Just imagine how expensive snowballs would be in Phoenix!

  7. I ate tons of fruit-- especially watermelon. Loved it... and mexican, too!

  8. That's a good craving to have!

    I never had any distinct cravings for either of my pregnancies, although there was this one time when I really wanted avocados (and I ate a few of them by themselves).



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