Saturday, March 5, 2011

the emergency room

Of course I would spend my morning in the Emergency Room today.  As a patient.

Woke up with my eyes fused shut - my face completely swollen.  I look like I got in a bar fight.

But add conjunctivitis to my list of extreme nasal decongestion, the common cold, and sore throat...and I'm a freaking mess.

I do not recommend going to the ER for small things like "pink eye" - that's what Walk In Clinics are for after all.  But - I have been feeling contractions throughout the night and knew that if something was wrong with my blood pressure or something, the baby could easily be monitored at the hospital - so I went with the ER instead of a Walk-In.  I guess you could say I'm cautious (paranoid?).

I knew everyone in the ER this morning (a couple of my fave nurses were working, and my most FAVE doc was there!) I got in and out really quick....a little perk to my job I suppose.  Now I'm spending the weekend in bed (with medicated eye drops and warm compression all over my face).  This is my one lil moment on the computer get the story out.

Lame weekend.  But at least this way I really will have to follow my doctors advice of keeping my feet up (I was scheduled to work today AND take call all weekend - no longer.)  But that means I can't get anything else done lay in bed I will.  I need it.  I'm freaking sick.  Ugh.


  1. It's ironic to me that a resident isn't given a chance to do what doctors advise to patients to maintain health - SLEEP.

    Please take care of yourself.

  2. Oh no! Take care! Hope you feel better soon.


  3. Poor thing! Feel better mama!

  4. Ug. So NOT fun. I had a sinus infection when I was 36 weeks pregnant with baby #2...and it was MISERABLE.

    I hope you're in tip-top shape in no time!



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