Saturday, March 5, 2011

it's in the water

awwww....cute lil face captured by Sarah Neal Photography

Baby fever has hit my world in the face.  I know a gazillion ladies who are currently with child.  :-)  And I couldn't be more excited.  

Becky, Megan, Kelly, Christine, Liz, Sarah, Sarah, Gina, Alicia, Amanda, Chrissy, Mary, Shay, Cam, Tanya, Katie, Laura, Jen, Erin, Liane, and Amy, and not to forget my cousins Carolyn and Velvet.  The names of the girls back home that I know who are having babies...or have just had babies in the last month or so.  Honestly.  (AND three of those ladies are among my best friends in the whole entire world!)  I wish I lived near them as this is just entirely too exciting for words.  AND it would be so fun to have play dates together and have our kiddos grow up alongside each other.

Oh.  And there are roughly 6 wives of residents that live in my apartment building who are pregnant now too.  Annnnnd there are about a dozen pregnant nurses that I work with at the hospital.  Oh...and the two med students on my team who are *newly* pregnant too.

Is something in the water or is this what being in my late 20's is all about??  It's kinda crazy.

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