Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the color pink

one of my friends made her that blanket!

Back in my belly bump days, Tommy told me he didn't want his daughter to only wear pink.  Neither did I.  The last thing I wanted was a frilly dressed doll instead of a daughter.  I suppose it's because I don't wear a lot of pink and I find alot of that stuff annoying (don't judge me!!)  So, I avoided all things pink for her...yet gifts from others ensured her wardrobe was full of them. I was sure that we would cringe every time she wore something with feminine flowers or butterflies on it.

They came reality - when it comes to girly baby clothes there are lots of flowers and butterflies involved.

Well, much to my delight I had nothing to be nervous about.  A few days after her birth we decided that Clara is adorable in pink.  ADORABLE ohmygawd.  And she is gorgeous in flower motifs and butterflies too.  Seriously.

It's true...she looks outstanding in pink - all shades from the brightest magenta to the softest blush.  It's definitely one of her colors!   Hahaha - this is a ridiculous post..I know I know...and I know babies look good in every color...this is me facing the fact that I was wrong to shun pink in the first place.  This just goes to show that no matter what I think about something initially, my opinions are subject to just happens.

I vowed not to intentionally raise a little princess.  And then I actually caught myself calling her my pretty princess this week.  Goodness gracious.   


  1. Oh no. At Christmas, I sent a Christmas outfit and two onesies to a relative with a six-month-old. One of them had big green 1960s flowers and the other was hot pink with a lime green butterfly patch!

    I've seen the baby in them and they are adorable.

    My main thing that I look for is "action clothes". You know, clothes they can move around in easily.

  2. I told you so. (Well, in my mind, before she was born, I told you so.) Little girls are just so precious you can't help but love them in pink. Maybe, when she's a grubby 2 year old, she'll wear orange...

  3. Pretty Princess Muffinhead

  4. I love how you're just going w/ the flow and being okay with letting your mind change. That's a great quality - for motherhood, for life.

    I felt the same way about pink pre-kids, but now my girls choose to wear pink all of the time (and I think they look great in it).



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