Wednesday, April 13, 2011

we broke into the zoo...oops

The website said the local zoo was to open April 1st.  So, Friday we decided to take Clara.  We love the zoo in our house - and were so excited to show Clara all the nifty animals!!

We got there, noticed the parking lot was empty...but we forged's a small town on a Friday afternoon...why would the zoo be busy anyway?

Even the empty "ticket" counter with the sign that said "CLOSED AFTER 4PM" didn't phase us...perhaps the person was on break or cut out early?  It was well before 4pm, and we had  a free pass to the it's not like we were screwing anybody over.  All the gates were we walked on in.

Showed Clara the goats - she wasn't that impressed. 

We saw a few other small animals that were funny looking and I was trying my best to snap pictures of it all.  (I was surprised with how enamored I was to show Clara all of these things...even though she is only one month old...can you imagine how it will be when she is older?!  I'm gonna take her everywhere to see my mom did with us!)

We were so busy enjoying Clara and the animals we hardly noticed that there was nobody other workers....nobody....nowhere.  As we walked along the path, a big truck came wailing up behind us and a man jumped out and was rather frantic (though kind) about pointing out that =

the zoo is closed!!!
no visitors!!!!
safety concerns!!!
the website that says it opened April 1st is wrong!!!
please leave!!!

So we left.

At least we got to see the goats.


  1. Ha! One month old, and she's already trespassing?! Rebel. xoxo.

  2. Yeah, Clara is a trespasser!

    I never knew how much I would love goats until I moved to the country. My hairdresser worked out of a house surrounded by hills with cows, chickens and goats.

    There was a whole herd of miniature white goats that used to run up to the fence to see me. They are some of the most friendly adorable creatures on the planet --- especially adorable are their sturdy little legs and those ears that look like they're flying.

  3. haha. Love this! : )

  4. That is awesome! It's their own fault- I mean, the gates weren't even shut?? What do they expect?
    And I love goats, I have one actually, he lives at my parents house and he is a GIANT. 160 lbs if I remember right..and that was a few years ago! Best pets, especially if you have a large yard--free lawn mower! ;)

  5. LOL! This made my afternoon! It's the funny, quirky things that happen in everyday life that can be so hilarious!!

    Thanks for sharing :)




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