Friday, April 15, 2011

naming baby

I shared some of my most fave names here and here...and was rather elusive when it came to discussing the name of our little one...even in real life (we accidentally let it slide a couple times, but we kept the name a secret from almost everyone we know, we were proud of ourselves!).  Truth is, we knew what we were going to name her right from the start...and to find her name we took inspiration from our family trees.

Clara is not a family name, per se.  Clare is,'s the name of one of my closest aunts....someone who Tommy and I both feel close with.  Jane is a family name on both sides!  It' the name of Tommy sister  and great-grandmother, and my sister's middle name, aunt's middle name and cousin's name.  It's nice to honor these lovely women, and gives Clara a sense of family belonging... and yet at the same time, a name unique to her.

Plus, Tommy really loved the initials CJ...that was the deal maker.  So - Tommy, his dad and my dad have all taken to calling Clara, CJ.  Kinda cute.   I, however, call her Clara.  Or Babycakes, or Lovebug, or Sweetheart, or Sweetiepie, or My-darling, or Muffinhead.


  1. She's soooo beautiful! I have a little cousin (a boy) named Colton James, who we call CJ. I love nicknames. "Muffinhead" is too cute. xo.

  2. Muffin Head in a purple hoodie!

  3. Clara is named after an aunt you feel close too? Aww that's sweet!!!

    She may be a muffinhead ti you, but she's mon petit eclair to me. :-)

  4. Clara is such a beautiful name!!! And CJ is fun initials... But mommas I know always call their kiddos by their full names! Especially when they're in trouble! "CLARA JANE!!" I can hear it now... haha!

  5. CJ is awesome, she is going to be the cool girl at school that has a tom-boy-ish name that is super well rounded and everyone wants to be friends with, but still with a sweet girly name if she wants. Perfect! I'm glad to hear the tongue-tied situation is over is going well now right?! With feeding? How’s the soreness?! I am almost embarrassed about the healthcare system when you try so hard just to get...well... care. And you don't. And you don't have anyone fighting for you. It’s discouraging, especially with devoting so much of your life and believing in the healthcare system. Good job on winning in this one!

  6. Purple looks lovely on her!

    And her name is beautiful. It's smart, feminine, and fun all at the same time.



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