Monday, April 25, 2011


we have close to 50 images of Clara sleeping...she is so stinkin' cute when she is in dreamland.

Have you heard of  It's a website that is designed for photo-sharing.  I wish that we would have had something like this set up for our wedding for our guests to upload their pictures to one site for optimal sharing.  I scoured Facebook to get pictures after our wedding - it would have been so nice for all of our friends and family to have been able to see those pictures too!!  (plus - I'm sure there are lots of pictures from our wedding that Tommy and I will never see - tragedy!)

I could look at pictures of Muffinhead sleeping all day! is a photo sharing website that allows multiple people to contribute. Each album features a customizable URL and email address you can share with anyone you want to contribute. There's no need for these users to register, keeping the process simple and hassle-free.

I think that we will set up an account for pictures of Clara - so my father in law can upload his pictures and my mom can upload hers and we can upload ours.  That way our families in far off places can keep tabs on Clara's cute lil mug without me having to individually send photo attachments to my parents or in-laws or fam all the time.  AND I don't want to upload hundreds of baby pictures to Facebook.  This sounds like a safer and easier option.

I wish we had done this for our wedding!! 

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