Friday, May 27, 2011

fave hospital things

back when Clara Jane was brand new!
There are sooo many "what to pack for the hospital" lists out there.  My favorite  is the list compiled by Gabby of DesignMom (after having 6 children, my guess is that she has hospital packing down to an art at this point!)  I followed much of her advice when I packed my own hospital bags.  When we showed up at the hospital, it must have looked like I was moving in, as I had one rolling small suitcase, a duffel bag and a tote...not to mention my husband had his backpack and our camera case.  It looked like I overpacked - but I only took what was recommend to me to take.  In hindsight, there were things I didn't need and there were things I was SO HAPPY I had with me.  These are my thoughts.

teeny tiny wrinkly feet!

Fave 3 items:
1. lots of regular full coverage underwear...lots. (I had to go buy this type of underwear in advance as I don't wear those kinds normally - is that too much info?  sorry.)
2.  comfy/stretchy pants to go home in (no jeans were going on my body for a long time!)
3.  a towel from home - hospital towels are teeny tiny and not soft...I loved having one of my big fluffy towels.

3 Things I didn't Need:
1.  pretty pajamas...with the nurses and doctors constantly "checking things out below" the hospital gowns were comfortable and ridiculously convenient.   I never wore the pair I brought. 
2.  "things to do" - I slept whenever I could (as need for my computer, cell or magazines....haha... other women I know did enjoy having these things!).
3.  A birth plan - I honestly read more about "birth plans" on other people's blogs than any doctor or nurse discussed with us.  For a hot minute I thought that Tommy and I should create one.  But really, with the one goal of having a healthy baby, whatever it took to get there was what needed to be done.  We just rolled with it - and not having a "plan" didn't affect us one bit. 

3 Things I wish I Had
1.  a place for my husband to comfortably sleep at the hospital too :-)  no such luck.  He crashed on the chair next to my bed (poor dude)
2. an outfit for our little one in NEWBORN size so it would fit her - I didn't know there was such a thing as newborn size (see... I was clueless... I thought size 0 - 3 months would be fine...nope) and her outfit hung on her like a pillowcase.
3. a better attitude about having my picture taken - I felt awful and swollen and was in pain and dodged most of the picture ops...I wish I had just gotten over myself and smiled for the camera.
*bonus:  a razor - many hospitals don't provide/carry those in stock anymore due to patient sure to bring one if you are a daily shaver like me!


  1. What on God's green earth is a "birth plan" and how can you plan it?

    I'm surprised about there being no bed for Tommy. I know so many people who had birthing rooms in hospitals that provided that. I thought it had become standard.

  2. I agree with all of these! I would add that it was really nice to have pillows from home, my own toiletries, and food and coffee from the outside! Great post :)

  3. thanks for these tips! your blog is so helpful. I am going to take notes for when I am pregnant! :)

  4. super helpful list!! I love these. Thats funny, now that I think about it you probably don't need a whole lot "to do" except spend time with your adorable new baby. But I would be an overpacker- I know it... computer, magazines, food, music...etc...Thanks!!

  5. also.... thank you for mentioning the pictures. I know I need to bookmark this post, and refer back to it later. That is me. I hate pictures of me at all times... and especially when I have a bloated face- and thats without a babe growing inside me.

  6. I totally agree about the full coverage underwear and stretchy pants!

    I love having a nursing nightgown w/ me - for practical purposes, plus they're pretty!

    Your "things to do" comment made me laugh. The only two things I wanted to do after giving birth were rest and stare at my baby's sweet face (way better than any magazine or book!).

    Also - you're so right about the pictures! I'm slowly learning to just let go and let photos be taken...even if I don't feel my prettiest. It's a digital era, after all - I can always delete them later!



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