Wednesday, May 4, 2011

pump it up

I love that my husband takes pictures of my Muffinhead while I'm at work - this post-bath picture made me smile

Pumping breast milk is a real commitment for the working woman.  My whole work-day revolves around when/where I can pump!  I've had to become a real advocate for this too - instead of being timid and asking permission to go pump - I've become assertive and basically just announce that I need to go pump. 

At one of the hospitals I work at, the "lactation room" was in the sub-basement, in a corner of the janitorial locker room that was separated from the horrid space by a shower curtain.  Riiiiight.  Well, after a quick conversation with one of the head nursing managers, I now have a nice room down the hall from the resident's lounge.  The walls are painted the prettiest robin's egg blue...and there is a sink in the room, a chair, AND a bathroom.  It's basically like the Four Seasons (as far as hospitals go!)...and it's all mine (I have my own badass is that?)  I feel so lucky.  The other hospital's lacation room is also in the sub-basement, but I haven't had to pump there yet.

It's tricky to do this - not as easy as I thought it would be.  I don't exactly produce a lot from pumping - two sessions pumping produce ONE meal for Clara - so you can imagine I have lots of pumping to do because our little one eats a few times per day!  I just hope I can keep it up.  I LOVE knowing that I can do this for my daughter.

*note:  once I start my surgical schedule in June this whole thing will have to be reevaluated - as we typically run from procedure to procedure between 2 hospitals and an active surgical center.  My GOAL is 6 months of pumping...and my fingers are crossed that I can do this.


  1. I can't believe that that is an acceptable "lactation room"! In a corner, with a shower curtain? How crude! I'm glad you stood up for yourself and got better accommodations!

  2. Yes, so ridiculous. But I remember when there were NO lactation rooms anywhere, and I've never worked in a place that had one.

    The one working mother I knew that pumped, did it in her car on the way to work! And that's because the expressway she was on was bumper-to-bumper most of the time. LOL

    I have read before that pumping doesn't produce quite as much milk. So it doesn't have anything to do with you or how you're doing it. Good for you though.

  3. I admire you. I've had to pump at a couple of weddings and it was NOT fun! I didn't produce much milk either.

  4. Good for you, Jes. In making your needs known you're serving not only Clara, but the mothers on staff who will follow you.

    I know that providing an appropriate space to pump is a challenge for many small employers, but you would think that hospitals and clinics who employ a large number of women and are ostensibly concerned with public health would have had this figured out by now.

    ,,,and the photo is adorable!

  5. Good for you! I'm so impressed with your commitment to pumping. I won't have to worry about this issue until late this fall, but I'm so afraid I'll just quit breastfeeding once I go back to work, because pumping is too hard. I like hearing inspirational stories like this!

  6. wow! i think it's awesome you got them to give you a better room to pump :)

  7. Amen to what Eclair said. You'd think a freaking HOSPITAL would have it set up by now.

  8. So proud of you! Breastmilk is an awesome gift to give to your daughter.

  9. I was a pumping fool. I stopped pumping at 7 months b/c we ran out of space in our chest freezer, and he's going through that in no time. I was thankful that work has a "shower" room, but it was obnoxious when people would knock to ask when I would be finished.



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