Monday, May 2, 2011

a bridal shower

I attended a lovely bridal shower this of my *new* friends is getting hitched in a few short weeks....sooooo exciting!!

I haven't attended ooodles of showers...a few...and my own of course.  I like showers - getting a little dressed up...picking out a gift for my friend...mingling with nice ladies...and watching the bride-to-be in all of her glowing excitement.  I had fun at this shower - it reminded me of how much fun I had at my shower last spring (and it made me miss my friends back home!) 

My gift to the bride was a Megan Hamilton sketch of her jaw-dropping GLORIOUS pink wedding dress.  It was a hit!  I was super sneaky in finding out her dress, so everyone was surprised (there were a couple gasps...gotta love a "gasp" reaction!)  She loved it!!  So did everyone else!  Dress sketches are a crowd/bride pleasing gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come. (I had my dress sketched, and gave my mom a sketch of her dress too!!)

I could shoot myself for not scanning the image before giving Ashely her sketch this weekend - I would have loved to show you (it was a pretty pretty pink!)  Instead, enjoy these sketches I found from Megan Hamilton's Etsy shop.


  1. What an "artful" way to remember your wedding - a drawing of your gown! That was certainly an original idea not found on a typical wedding or bride shower gift registry list.

  2. that's awesome! if i could afford it in my budget, i definitely would get one!

  3. OH SO beautiful. Mine is going to be a tad bit exotic and more Asian bcos I'm marrying a Sri Lankan, so I'll be in a sari. I wonder whether she does those too. It would be awesome to have a sketch of it :) Thanks for sharing and WHAT a beautiful gift :)

  4. love love love love love my wedding dress sketch!!!! i'll send you a picture, promise!

  5. I've been wanting to do this for myself!! I'll have to check her out.



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