Monday, June 6, 2011

fave 5 newborn items

Our little one turns THREE MONTHS OLD this week...and I'm freaking out because it's going by so fast.  As she grows and grows, there are some items that I find we use day in and day out that I adore.  These 5 baby products save the day frequently.

Bottle santizor
We have the FAO Schwartz model.  Perhaps it's not the very best model, the burner sometimes changes the water brown and it's kindof small - but it is a LIFE SAVER.  We don't have a dish washer to easily sanitize Clara's stuff - and boiling bottles on the stove top would have been a huge pain in the ass.  We use this thing at least 6 times per day!  We even took it with us when we went to Vermont - how else do you keep bottles sterilized on vacations?? 

Boppy pillow
I find using that using a pillow specifically designed for breastfeeding is the comfiest way to do it.  When Clara was a newborn, this pillow was on my lap for hours at a puts her at the perfect level for eating and my arms don't have to hold all of her weight.  I still use it everyday!  As she grows, it has been the perfect tummy time helper (though now she is doing the tummy time on her own!). 

Diaper changing station
I got a lot of conflicting advice about  diaper tables - some people loved having a diaper table, others thought it was a waste of money and space (because you can really change a diaper anywhere).  I ended up putting a diaper changing pad on a dresser and created a little changing station in Clara's room.  Creating this space has been great for us - all of her diapers and wipes are in one location...made it very convenient for us.  (I am happy I didn't spend money on a specific changing table as using a reusable dresser has been clutch.)

Soothie pacifier
Once Clara was about a month old we were comfortable using pacifiers...except she would only use the soothie brand (thank God they gave us a couple at the hospital!) These are a real life saver when she gets fussy in public.  We do not leave home without it!  (though she just "found" her thumb last week, so we haven't been having to use the pacifier too much...we really only used it sparingly to begin with.)

I have a Medela pump.  I didn't get it until Clara was nearly 4 weeks old (WISH I had it when she was born - that would have helped so much, and could have protected my milk supply while Clara was having so many problems feeding with her tongue being tied down.)  This thing costs nearly $400 so it wasn't an easy thing to just go out and get - but my parents gave it to me as a gift (thank goodness!).  I use that bad boy several times per day.  (It's really loud, bulky and difficult to keep sterilized while I'm out and about at work...but it gets the job done and it gets the best reviews of all breastpumps).  Perfect for the working mother to provide perfect nutrition for the baby at home. 

Baby Gym
This is Clara's most favorite place to be - she can seriously play with her Baby Einstein baby gym/playmat for hours (we affectionately call it, "Under the Sea").  It's a great space for Tommy and I to play with her too - so many fun do-dads to explore!  AND it is her favorite nap space.  We seriously wanted to bring this to Vermont with us too and decided against it at the last second.


  1. Look at how fat she is getting! You are starting to sound like an expert. ;)

  2. Thanks for the idea about the bottle sanitizer...I had no idea what that even was. We don't have a microwave...dishwasher...or tv... I know... its 2011. A little ridiculous, but I love not having those things, it slows life down for us, simplifies life, which I like. We may change our tune once we have a babe of our own...But I was wondering about baby bottles. Sounds like a must have. Thanks!!

  3. I liked the Boppy too.

    Also - a baby carrier would DEFINITELY be in my top 5. I used a Sleepy Wrap and BabyHawk Mei Tai for the first few months...and then switched to the ERGO after that.



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