Monday, August 1, 2011

my wedding ring

My wedding ring still doesn't fit on my finger after having had my baby...and I am bummed about that.  REALLY bummed about that. be honest...the ring will go on my little chub of a finger, but it's tight and I get nervous it might get stuck there.

I kinda figured that would happen when I got pregnant.  I didn't anticipate not being able to wear my ring this long after having had my baby though!  I miss looking down and seeing my ring (I so love my's small...just a teeny band of sparkly diamonds).  That ring takes me back to our engagement, our vows, our first dance, our love - all in an instant.  I love that.  And I find myself wanting people to know I am married...I really do.

I am considering buying a different ring in a larger size to wear in the interim.  Likewise, I'd like to get Tommy a new ring as well...his is titanium.  After working in the ER and learning that titanium rings can't be cut off in an emergency (the finger would have to go - omg) I keep hinting to Tommy he needs a new one.  He thinks I'm kindof silly.  Regardless, I'm thinking that a set of gold wedding rings will be a purchase of ours soon.


  1. I bought an interim ring as well. A precious little vintage setting I saw at a pawn shop and got for a great price. It isn't my forever ring but it was kind of fun to have something different until my set fit again!

  2. I totally hear you girl. The diamond in my setting came from my grandmas engagement ring. My mom wore it in a necklace setting after she passed away. When we went to get it set the jeweler told us it was cut before 1920. He could tell because it was hand chiseled and anything cut after 1920 was machine cut to make the diamonds more perfect. Mine is perfectly imperfect ;) So it belonged to someone before my gma. My fam says my great gma probably brought it with her when she emigrated from Germany.... that's who gave my gma all her jewelry. I wish I could ask her!! Anyway... its pretty special to me. I refuse to wear it certain places... the hospital for one. I ended up getting a plain little band because it just feels so good to have something on that finger. Who would have known I could be so wifey?!?
    Alison B.

  3. an interim ring sounds like a great idea. i also think you are definitely right about getting your hubby a new one (because the thought of a missing finger is awful!).

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  4. aw. i totally understand the feelings toward the ring. i feel similarly towards mine. i hadn't really thought about having to take it off when pregnant though...

  5. My husband and I both have titanium rings and I had also heard that they couldn't be cut, so I did a bit of research, and found quite a few sources saying that they can. Paramedics didn't used to carry the cutters with them when titanium rings were less popular, but now that they are, they do carry the cutters with them. So I find it strange that you've seen it in the hospital that they can't be cut; have you actually had this happen when you were there, or is this just something you've heard? I'd be interested to know since I don't really want to lose a finger if I ever get hurt while wearing my ring! (We wear them snowboarding all the time in the winter... yikes!)

  6. I don't know what i'd do without my wedding band and engagement ring. I totally agree - I love people knowing i'm married. You have my permission - go purchase an interim one! xx



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