Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wedding weekend

Newport, Rhode Island is soooooooooooooooo dreamy!

Our family attended a family wedding this past weekend in picturesque Newport, Rhode Island.  Nothing like a wedding to make one remember the splendor of their own nuptials...Tommy and I reminisced about our nuptials a lot this weekend....*sigh*....we really enjoyed our sweet little wedding.  I could relive that day a zillion times!

This particular wedding was fun!  They had an open bar (two nights in a row!), the bride wore a killer dress, the sunset painted the whole sky pink and gold, and there was a candy our family was there...which was really the icing on the yummy cake.  I hope Eliza and Matt were able to soak up the specialness of those moments...they fly by so fast.

I just love weddings!!


  1. Cute pic! : )
    Ryan and I have 3 weddings to attend next month. Yikes!

  2. Beautiful Picture, defiantly for the wall!

    miss you kam

  3. btw...if you didn't already know it, you look beautiful in this picture!




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