Thursday, August 25, 2011

grown up wedding

I mentioned yesterday that we attended a fantastic family wedding this past weekend.  It was the perfect weekend for such an occasion - the weather was glorious and the skies were blue.  And obviously, love was in the air.

Except, as excited as I was for the wedding, I didn't quite know how the event was going to pan out.  You see, Clara was going to stay with a babysitter.

When I first heard that the wedding was centered towards adults, I was (secretly) bummed.  I love being with my lil Muffinhead!    For our wedding, we encouraged our friends with kiddos to bring their little ones...none brought them anyway. 

I have to admit, it was actually a perfect day...with Clara in the sitter's care and all.  The wedding was totally enjoyable for Tommy and I - there was no worrying about keeping Clara happy/ worrying about carrying around a bag full of tricks, diapers and pacifiers.  But more importantly, the bride and groom could enjoy their moments to shine and bask in their nuptials without the possibility of a crying baby.  (Clara isn't a fussy kid... in fact she rarely cries at all...but there were quite a few babies in the mix...and so I can see how they would need to exclude all of them)

Clara was with a family friend (coordinated by my lovely mother in law) up in the hotel and we would check in on her every so often throughout the evening.   Immediately following the ceremony we grabbed her for family pictures. 

I will never roll my eyes at adult-only weddings ever again.  It was flawless. 


  1. Jes YOU look STUNNING!! love the dress!

  2. Awesome family photo!!! I must admit, I'm drooling over this red dress you have on. Care to share details on the dress? -Missy



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