Wednesday, September 14, 2011

6 months and a party dress

Our little muffinhead turned SIX MONTHS OLD last Friday - can you believe it!?  Six months!?  I blinked one morning and she was big...even though she is still a baby that I cradle in my arms, she recognizes things, people, me...she can hold things, feed herself, sit up, can maneuver around on her own...and has "things" that she likes.

Instead of dressing her up in her pretty birthday dress from Grandma Heidi (which I ADORE!) we evacuated from our home due to flooding, power and water outages. 'Twas an adventure.  So, a couple days after her 6 month birthday, we dressed her up...sang to her...and opened up a new (bath) toy!  Haha - good times!

These are a few things that Clara enjoys:

Playing with her toys, especially Pooh Bear, Sophie the giraffe, and her soft blanket giraffe...she never wakes up when she goes to sleep at night...and never cries when we put her in her crib.  She can hold her own bottle, yet is starting to enjoy eating smooshy foods.  She LOVES to see me when I come in the door from work....she gets so excited and her arms and legs flail around and her smile is ear to ear and it makes my whole day!  Splashy baths are becoming a fun activity in our that she can sit up on her own she likes to play in the water.  She is such a sweet little baby, who smiles at everyone, enjoys making friends and adores being sung to.  When she heart just melts.  She REALLY loves dogs...we think dogs are her favorite.  Or sucking her thumb.  Or sucking her toes. 

Things she isn't so keen on include squash (bummer...right!?), her bare skin on grass, and beach sand.  Yet. 


  1. Such a cutie pie. Seriously. And love the yellow dress. xx

  2. So cute. And I love that you are keeping notes on her likes and dislikes. It will be fun to share with her later!

  3. You have such a sweet little girl, Jes. Happy 6 Months, Clara!

  4. She has her mothers' personality. And dressed up like that, she would have coordinated with your wedding!



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