Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my near missoni meltdown

i wanted this....this sweater dress...and that cardigan...oh man did I want this.

 After days and days (umm..OK...weeks) of drooling over the Missoni goods at Target, I was JAZZED about splurging on a couple things. Not big splurges or anything...I wanted to replace a couple things from our home (old, worn, hand me down things) and get a new special thing for myself (a cardi was at the top of my list!)  I was literally counting down the days until the line was available at Target...today was that day.  I was PSYCHED!

I got up at 4am to pump anyway...so I gave the website a whirl...just to see what was available.  But the Target website was acting funky and wouldn't let me on.  I was bummed.  At then at lunch I tried to access the site from a hospital computer..again...fail.  Then I tried for a couple hours after I got home from work to get on the site...but nothing...error....fail.
i was also dying to get my hands on a new throw blanket....so beautiful

Finally I decided we needed to treck across town (after the flooding in town, they have asked that unneccessary driving be limited...Missoni was a mission...totally necessary.  Finally got to Target at 8:15pm.  The shelves were EMPTY.  Well, nearly empty.  There were a couple amazing shower curtains and duvet covers...a few platters and vases and notebooks and storage boxes.  But there were NO clothes left.  NO scarves left.  No throw blankets or pillows left.

BUT.  I got a couple little things that made up for it all - the little votive holder (on the right!)...BEAUTIFUL...and a steal at around $6 (Tommy didn't even raise an eyebrow when I told him I had to have it!)  And we got a tray for our living room, as we have two cushiony ottomans...a tray makes it easier for us to have our beverages on a sturdy surface. AND...a splurge...a decorative glass plate that I carried around the store in a death grip at my chest.

I.  Am.  Obsessed. 


  1. I'm pretty sure 99% of the stuff is now on eBay for exorbitant prices -- a friend of mine was at a Target in Chicago, and people were literally taking EVERYTHING from the racks to buy. (She saw a man take an entire rackful of children's clothing.) SO LAME.

  2. Shelves almost empty? That's crazy!

  3. Jes, I just e-mailed you. This was on Yahoo News today! People really are re-selling the stuff. The Target web site crashed! Target will restock certain items up through the end date in October.

  4. I didn't think Missoni was that big. But I live in Chicago and wasn't anticipating having to go in early so in the afternoon on Tuesday I went in, only to be met by a news crew filming all the empty shelves. They said they sold out at 8:30 a.m. There were 3 picture frames left, a pair of flats in a size 5.5 and a pair of children's leggings. I looked online on ebay as soon as I got home typing in "target missoni" and found 17,000 hits...most from Chicago. Very upsetting...I almost cried.



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