Wednesday, September 28, 2011

daisy days

I found a great (new to me) wedding merchandise resource -  Take a gander around the shop and be impressed with the selection of wedding accessories like:

DIY program fans (less expensive than the programs I DIYed at the local print shop!)

cute CUTE cute "LOVE" pillowcases...sweet gift for the bride and groom.  I am currently "eyeing" these as a gift for someone....umm...and for myself....thankyouverymuch.

Plantable and recyclable invitations so a long way in my book - love Eco-responsible designs.

There is a super stinkin' cute baby section with gifts for new mommy's and daddy's  (I spent a LOT of time here...lots of little treasures!)

Check it out...they have a sale section with different sales going on all the kinda shop!

1 comment:

  1. I just like the idea of switching the pillows around and having them say "velo". Perfect for fans of the Tour de France ;)



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