Friday, September 23, 2011

fast milestones

Real fast...I only have a minute...but I freaking HAD to share shout some of the HUGE ASS things that happened in my world this week.

1.  On Monday, Clara reached out for me for the first time.  When I walked in the door from work, both of her tiny arms went up towards me and she started lunging at me with her funny huge toothless smile.  Melted my soul.
2.  On Tuesday, I was working on teaching little Muffinhead to "wave."  She did it!  For a few seconds...and I squealed and freaked out...and made Tommy come running to see...and she didn't do it again.  But I saw her do it.  I was so proud.
3.  On Wednesday, I came home tired, worn out and feeling beat.  My house smelled divine.  Tommy created one of the most amazing dinners of my life...using all sorts of new ingredients in interesting combinations (thanks to Real Simple's most recent issue!) including beets.  I've never eaten beets before.  I had no idea they were actually YUMMY.  But the best part?  He baked a pumpkin pie.  My favorite of all autumn food groups.  My house smelled like pumpkin pie.  It was perfect.  He is to die for.
4.  After consuming 2 huge pieces of pumpkin pie, we were chatting in our living room and Clara Jane did it....she crawled...un-coaxed.  She just went for it.  And she hasn't stopped moving sense.
5.  My best friend turned 30 yesterday.  I'm a couple months.  She was first...and for some odd reason this birthday feels really important and really big.  

Monumental stuff around here.  These are the things I will never ever forget.  Husband made pies and crawling life is so amazing.


  1. much going on! Love the happy place you're in. : )

  2. Yay for Clara...reaching, waving, crawling!

    Yay for Tommy..nurturing, pie baking, beet cooking!

    (Since you're new to beets, keep in mind that they go in you red...and they come out red. Don't freak.)


  3. That does sound like an amazing life! :) Pumpkin anything is AMAZING! Yay for Clara!!!

  4. Clara is off to the races! ;)

  5. So sweet! Your hubs is amazing! :)



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