Monday, September 26, 2011

baby food update


Remember this?  We made our poor girl eat raw squash last week and she obviously hated it.This time I cooked the summer squash...I steamed it...and pureed it oh so beautifully with my MagicBullet.  I made a bunch and set aside individual containers for Clara to enjoy a serving everyday this week (as well as freezing a bunch for later too!).  I know that I don't typically have time to hand make I wanted to take advantage of it!

is that the face of disgust or what!? fail...again.  I didn't know babies could reject veggies this early.  I thought they would eat anything in front of them and that they started hating veggies when they were  Not so?  I will admit I didn't suck down loads of veggies while I was pregnant...they made me vomit...soooooo has my pregnant lifestyle adversely affected my little one's appetite?  Great.

I have a freezer full of pureed summer squash if anyone wants it.  Or if anyone can tell me what the heck to do with it.

*update:  my mother-in-law thinks the texture might be creeping her out as opposed to the we will try again!

in the end she wouldn't even let the spoon in her mouth.  ha!


  1. What a nice blog you have and off course a cute baby! I like the pictures with the "food-face". That reminds me of myself, looking at some pictures when I was given babyfood! Love your blog! Wish you all the best.

  2. you could make an interesting lasagne like dish with the pureed squash in the layers! or use it in a zucchini bread! I don't have a baby, yet, but i think that the texture thing is weird at first- i have seen many a baby spit it all out for a bit!

  3. What a face! She looks like she feels betrayed. I'm with you, Sugar Beet, not big on pureed summer squash.

    Just wait until she tastes winter squash. It will be so much better than summer squash...if it's cooked!

    :o) eclair

  4. Maybe she will like it mixed with other veggies/fruit later on. Julie was a pain when it came to food. She loved anything orange; squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, etc. but would spit out anything green unless we mixed it with an orange something. James ate EVERYTHING! Just keep experimenting and maybe make smaller batches. :op

  5. She is so cute! Hopefully you will find something she likes! I love when people make there own baby food!

  6. Keep it in your freezer and try it again in a week. My baby was the same. She's 7 months and threw up the carrots I tried giving her a month ago but, now loves them. Try a different veggie like yams or sweet potatoes, or try a fruit. Keep mixing it up and you'll find some veggies that she will like. Don't get discouraged!:)

  7. try baking butternut squash and adding a bit of cinnamon...ellie loved that. you can do it with pumpkin too. adding banana to sweeten it may help. i added banan to everything she initially didn't like :) Good luck.



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