Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mom jewelry

Not only is my hair up 100% of the time now, but I don't wear all...ever...because well...Clara's curiosity and monster grip will ensure that all of it will be ripped from my body.

No necklaces of any variety.... long or even close fitting.  Nothing other than tiny stud earrings either.  And bracelets?  Well, I can get away with bangles, but I find they kindof get in the way.

How do these fashionista mamas do it?  With their long Hollywood hair, gigantic hoop earrings and multi-strand neck-laces?  The only bling I'll be sporting once my finger shrinks back to normal will be my wedding ring.

Check out these Wedding Rings by MJB.  I'm still looking for a cheapy skinny band to wear at work...I get the heebie jeebies thinking about wearing my wedding ring to the hospital (not to mention the fact I have to take it off a dozen times per day for surgery).   In need of something simple and easy....story of my life.


  1. There are options!

    These are just a few. Personally, I didn't wear much that my kids didn't gnaw on or grab and just about everything survived. My MIL bought a HUGE amethyst necklace on a sturdy chain that the kids both played with.

  2. I have a necklace that E can chew on! It's the Smart mom Teething Bling! Love it!



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