Thursday, September 1, 2011

a second thought about crib bumpers

This is how I find Clara most of the time these days...all squashed up next to the bars in her crib.  A lil un-comfy to my eye.

Poor thing.  I was trying so hard to follow all of the reasonable advice that I could, and I kept reading EVERYWHERE about the potential hazard of crib I nixed 'em.  So instead of snuggling up against something soft and cozy, she rubs up against wooden slats.

Now I'm in the market for some crib bumpers.  Any good leads?  I'm looking for something in yellow(ish?).



  1. You can get mesh bumpers that are supposed to be safe as they don't restrict airflow the same way as "regular" bumper pads..

    Just a thought!

    Oh PS those are the CUTEST PJs EVER! Where did you get them?

  2. My thoughts on crib bumpers with my kids was this: once they are strongly moving around, the risks are minimal. You'd roll over if you couldn't breathe? My kids would get their hands and feet wedged between the bars without the bumper and wake up screaming!

    Once they start pulling up, you have to get the bumpers back out though because they use them to climb higher ... scariest thing EVER!

    We had a lot of second-hand baby gear that I would make slip covers for. After a good washing they were good as new, but I liked making them seem new to me too.

  3. Wonder bumpers are a cool concept, but I'm not sure it would help in your situation. They might close the gaps a little?
    I think a traditional bumper should be safe at this point.

  4. All I can say is WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE PJS??????

  5. We use the breathable bumper. They have it in all different colors. We had regular bumpers until Fin started rolling over. Then we had none. Then his legs and arms would get stuck, and he'd scream after trying to move. Finally, we ended up with the breathable one, and I'm glad. It's not totally gorgeous, but who cares.

  6. This is the exact same scene at our house! Except our 5 month old is not sleeping with his arms and legs sticking between the crib bars. He is screaming, at all hours of the night. He's rolling from his back to his belly and getting his arms and legs stuck. I'm nervous about bummers even though he is rolling mostly because he isn't rolling from his belly to his back yet. He does push ups in his crib, if his appendages aren't caught in the bars. It's been a really rough few weeks :( I was all set to order the breathable bumpers mentioned above but shipping is almost $50 to Alaska!

  7. No idea about bumpers, but I want to eat her up. She is too cute.

  8. Thank you very much for posting this! I am debating the whole bumper thing...and it kind of irritates me. Sure you have an older babe...she can move, so perhaps its still not safe for a brand new babe. But come on! Bumnpers are soft and cozy and cute...mesh ones are not. I think I am going to sew my own super soft-jersey-grey bumpers, and just take the grief from others about it. Arms through crib sad right?! And I also think those PJs are adorable... I hope you post abpout where they are from. I think they might be the first baby item I actually *need*

  9. Emma really likes her breathable bumper. She sits and scratches at it and I think she likes that she can kind of see through it. I'm a fan of the breathable bumper because I am neurotic and probably wouldn't be able to sleep if she had nothing or a fluffy bumper. However, she rolls over now so even if she had a regular bumper, I'm sure it would be fine :)



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