Tuesday, August 30, 2011

if I got married again: invitations

ohmygoodness...i die...this would have totally been our invite.

I would have changed very little about our wedding - very little - but the one element that is a fun for me to fantasize about are the paper products...the invitations.   I'm such a sucker for a pretty design.  I had a hard time finding something really posh within my budget....so we passed on posh and went with eco-friendly.    I wish I had known about Minted back then.  Crazy affordable incredibly unique wedding invitations (think 2 bucks an invite for some!) and they are totally drool worthy...holy smokes.  Oh - and they are almost all customizable with different colors.  OH - and there is an option to have them printed on 100% recycled paper - hello eco-friendly option.

Check these beauties out:

can you scream amazing?  i can.

hummm...though.... I'm nuts about this one too.


  1. I think I would personally opt for the 5th one! AMAZING :D

  2. ooh la la...going to have to do some browsing! these are all beautiful.



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