Wednesday, October 12, 2011

debt (free)

*there once was an image here...referring to the "debt" crisis and the whole occupying Wall Street situation.  In a nut shell (a very small nut shell) it was a message touting personal responsibility.*

I saw it on Facebook - had to share.

Except, immediately after posting really angered lots of readers...and even polarized some of my readers to "drop" this little blog from their world.   I feel hindsight I wouldn't have posted something that made people feel angry or sad.  It's just a different viewpoint...the state of our economy scares the hell outta me too.   

But for some reason...people started commenting not very kind things...and emailing me rather mean things...and then making digs towards other comment contributors.  Not friendly conversation...not a dialog amongst friends.  It was weird and pseudo-hateful... nothing this blog embraces. 

This straight up stressed my sh*t out.  And I took it down.  This might seem like a cowardice action...that's fine....I guess it is.  I would never set out to hurt or insult or point fingers and anyone.   And boy am I sorry.

I'm just another American...trying to survive.  And figure it out.


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