Tuesday, October 11, 2011

weekly picture project

6 weeks

 Before our Clara came into the world, I was totally smitten with the idea of capturing her growth with pictures.  There are sooooo many amazing and creative ideas out there in blogland...oh man...how do you choose?

Here is a great collection of baby picture series... saw it on O-de-dah.

Well, I didn't exactly choose...I couldn't choose.  I had so many fun ideas...and well....let's be real....I tend to have bigger ideas than what I can realistically handle.  So, I improvised.

15 weeks

So when Clara was four weeks old, I realized I had already been taking her picture every week...and I decided to keep going.  I post one picture of her every week on Facebook.  There isn't a common denominator with these pictures, she wears a different outfit every week, on different blankets/carpets, with out a toy/flag/indicator to scale her growth.  (I kinda wish I had done some of that...at least for the sake of scaling her size!)   Many times I'd just take her picture in her pajamas... nothing fancy... just her cute self. 

27 weeks

I am so proud of myself for doing this for the past 30 weeks!  This project may sound like a lot of work....or a hefty commitment...but it's not.  Takes a few minutes every weekend.  I have noticed, however, that after doing my "Weeks of Clara" on Facebook, lots of my friends have followed suit!   Love that. 



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