Tuesday, October 18, 2011

mommy blogs

Do you read mommy blogs?  I am really in desperate need of a few good ones.  This is where my personal life and interests reside these days....day-dreaming about my little girl and scheming up ways to make her childhood magical and memorable and full of life for our family.

I have a hard time finding mommy blogs that I can relate to.  It's much like wedding blogs...you want to "click" with someone's ideas of childhood and motherhood and balance.  I will admit, I have not done much searching on my own for what I seek....because....well....I haven't really put time into it. 

Much like finding those wedding blogs of perfection and glamor that were just not me, I keep finding mommy blogs that just seem like too much.  I end up stressing out.  I'd have to say that most of this stress is just self-induced guilt that I conjure up looking at blogs written by stay at home mommy's whom I admire/envy, and yet I cannot relate. (well...obviously on some level I relate...because we are all mothers who adore our children and would go to the ends of the Earth for their well-being...yet, I am mostly interested in joining a community of mother's who work outside of the home, like me.) 

I need ideas...inspiration...advice...and balance in this "Clara's-mama" role of mine :-)

I have found a couple that I like...and read regularly...but I want more.  I tend to gravitate towards DesignMom, and CUP OF JO (she does Motherhood Mondays that are really good.) 

Have any recommendations?


  1. My favourite is Her Bad Mother. She is so witty and looks at motherhood from a feminist, open-minded, non-judgemental perspective. Jillybee Momma is hilarious - a little fruity for some, but I love her tales of her crazy family.

    I particularly think you'll like My Life in Transition. I always think that you'd get on with one another ;)

    I recommend steering clear of the WeddingBee bloggers. You will spot them because they refer to themselves as Mrs XXX (could be goldfish, pug, azalea - anything). The writing isn't usually great; there's little or no interaction with readers; and many seem to like to stir up trouble and then write their next post complaining about the comments they have received about the previous post.

  2. I enjoy Clover Lane, even if her children are older and she's a stay-at-home mom: http://www.memoriesoncloverlane.com

  3. I love Cup of Jo too, but I'm always on the hunt for other mommas I can relate to. I'll definitely check back and see what suggestions people write in!

  4. I've enjoyed The Feminist Housewife (even though I'm not a mom). http://davidandcarolineparker.blogspot.com/

  5. Okay, I'm not an expert on mommy blogs and this is totally not what you requested but if you would just like to laugh at times then I totally recommend MODG http://www.modgblog.com/

  6. http://isisthescientist.com/ (just had her 2nd)

  7. Stuff I found by doing an Internet search:










  8. Do you Pinterest? A tremendous amount of inspiration there. I always come across "kid" tips, tricks, activities, advice, ideas... and when you see something you like, Pinterest will direct you to the website it's from. You may wanna try... IF you find the time of course :)
    Good luck!

  9. I think I gravitate toward blogs that happen to have children in them - not specifically mommy blogs. Enjoy! I love:

  10. I found you through Sara Cotner and I read you both! Seems like you already know about her but if not....

  11. I love DesignMom too. Also like:
    - http://www.birdsofafeatherdesign.com/
    - http://shuttersisters.com/
    - http://onecharmingparty.com/ (this one just had fun ideas)
    - http://www.foodieparent.com/ (yum!)
    - http://www.karmacontinued.com/
    - http://adamandhaleykjar.blogspot.com/
    - http://themeanestmom.blogspot.com/ (she always makes me laugh)

  12. Enjoying the Small things is my FAVORITE: http://www.kellehampton.com/

  13. I can't believe nobody has mentioned dear baby. if you don't read it, you should. she's a working mom with two of the most adorable children (both under two). Her writing is tremendous, lovely and honest.

  14. My current favorites include http://www.emergingmummy.com/, http://blog.suchthespot.com/, and http://marvelouskiddo.blogspot.com/.

    I also enjoy Design Mom. She always posts such pretty things!




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