Saturday, October 29, 2011

our BOO-tiful bee!

Halloween weekend is finally upon us...and I'm already sick of candy.  No..that's not right...I'm not sick of eating candy (as I could eat candy all day long and love love love it) belly aches because I ate too much of it.  Oh well. 

I just had to share a picture that we took of lil Muffinhead last weekend, in all her buzzing glory!  Isn't she a cutie patootie?  Halloween was such an exciting holiday in our home - my mom LOVES it and would celebrate big time!  Our house would be decorated...our costumes planned out weeks in carnivals attended...baked goods in the shapes of bats and pumpkins consumed..jack-o-lanterns carved with big toothy grins.  Trick or Treating was the BEST THING EVER OHMYGOD.  My sisters and I always had a blast!  I'm excited to celebrate this stupid fun holiday with Clara as she gets older. 

We've been invited to a couple Halloween parties (where children are actually invited for a couple hours!)  I'm dressing up as a vampire, and Tommy will be a ghost...I like classic costumes.   (But most of all, I like Clara's bumblebee costume.)

Are you dressing up this year?


  1. Cute as a bug!

  2. Where did you get her costume? What a happy baby!

  3. @ Lori - I bought her costume at (it's one of those deals/steals websites that offer steep discounts on stuff for a limited time...I bought it months ago and was SO GLAD THAT IT FIT HER!)


    it's been so encouraging to see you embrace and evolve into the family you are! have fun tonight!


  5. Hehe I just knew I'd find a cute Halloween pic of Clara to give me an afternoon boost. Happy Halloween to you all! I'm currently wearing black sparkly tights with an otherwise regular outfit. Why not, right?



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